Gecko System

Gecko System is a system developed for professional users looking for innovative solutions. It enables real hygienic environments to be created in hospitals, shopping malls, schools, business centers and factories. It helps you to save time and labor thanks to its quick and easy use and specially designed products.

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Usage Areas

It provides real hygienic environments in the cleaning of hospitals, shopping malls, schools, business centers and factories.With the Gecko system, you can both reduce the amount of water and energy  and minimize the damage to the environment in your workplaces, as well as save labor and time.

Gecko Mop & Frame

The Gecko mop & frame is named after the fastest sticking and fastest moving lizard named Gecko. It was produced with aplix system from hot injection. This unrivalled product is aimed to create a new segment in cleaning. It is used only with Gecko Mops and it gives full pressure to the surface, increasing the dirt removal rate to 90%. It increases the efficiency of cleaning staff by saving time and labor.

Where is the Gecko System Applied?

Ermop Gecko System; It is applied in many areas such as Hospitals, Schools, Dormitories, Gyms, Elderly Care Homes, Factories and Shopping Malls. With the specially designed products in the system, water, energy and labor can be saved in cleaning.


It is produced from hot injection with aplix system. This product developed by Ermop is a candidate to create a new segment in cleaning. This apparatus, which is used only with Gecko mops, is a part of the professional system.




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